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features of central dust collecting system Installation proced

  • The features of central dust collecting system is a new type of excellent pulse dust collector improved on the basis of bag dust collector. It integrates the advantages of various pulse jet dust collectors in separate chamber reverse blowing, overcomes the disadvantages of insufficient dust cleaning strength in separate chamber and uneven air distribution, and expands the application range.

    features of central dust collecting system is no stranger to everyone, now the standard of environmental governance is getting higher and higher, environmental governance is inseparable from the pulse bag dust collector, I will explain to you the working principle and installation requirements of the pulse bag dust collector, We use to do a reference.

    First, the pulse bag filter is a device that is made of fabric as a filter material (referred to as filter material) and made into a pocket to capture the dust contained in the gas that passes through the pores of the fabric. To make the dust containing gas be purified by the filter bag (dust bag), it is necessary to use the fan to inhale the dust containing gas through the pipe or press into the box with the filter bag, after the filter bag dust, the clean gas is discharged from the box. The filter material and the captured dust have resistance to the flow of gas, and the more dust accumulated on the filter material, the greater the resistance to the air flow. The gas flow delivered by the final fan will be reduced to the unattainable need. Therefore, when the resistance is large enough, measures should be taken to clear the dust on the filter bag, which is the so-called "ash cleaning". The ash cleaning task is the ash cleaning device, the dust to be removed from the box, so the box is provided with a large and small ash hopper under the box, the dust is concentrated and discharged.

    Second, the installation sequence and basic requirements of pulse bag dust collector

    (1) Installation sequence (site limit permits)

    Column -- box -- cage ladder (or ladder platform) -- Pattern plate -- clean air chamber -- ash hopper (in addition to the flow distributor grid and positioning plate) -- balustrade -- ash cleaning switching system -- (filter bag installation) -- spray system pre-assembly -- reinstallation of spray pipe -- clean air chamber cover plate -- access flue pipe -- bypass system -- rain protection device -- air supply system -- insulation and color plate .

    Note: After the installation of the column, whether to install the box or the ash hopper first depends on the installation conditions of the site to determine, sometimes several processes can be carried out at the same time.

    features of central dust collecting system