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Material introduction of silicone medical consumables

  • We know that it is a stainless steel product, which has the advantages of ultra-high hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In addition, the design of this surgical vehicle is combined, and the size of each vehicle is just right, which can be overlapped together and separated during use. Because the design of this combined surgical vehicle saves space for the operating room, our medical staff has no concerns when walking around.

    silicone medical consumables How to choose:

    We have introduced the basic information of silicone medical consumables to you before, but I believe that many of you do not know how to buy it, or dare not buy it easily. I believe that all of you have bought inferior products, and the products were scrapped within a few days, which is caused by the manufacturer's carelessness. Therefore, when buying silicone medical consumables, we must first understand whether its material conforms to the description, and then consider whether this silicone medical consumables conforms to our working environment. For example, we can use the comparison between the three sets of instruments and the surgical instrument vehicles to make the purchase after the result is obtained.

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